Home Selling Process

1. Accept offer presented to you by your real estate agent.

- At this point you may be asked to sign an initial term sheet by your agent which will set forth the basis terms such as the sales price, approximate closing date, appliances included in the sale, etc. 

- The name and address of your purchasers should be detailed on a transaction sheet to be prepared by the real estate agent. The name and contact information of the purchasers' attorney should also be provided at this point.

- A pre-approval letter should be provided from the purchasers' lender.

2. Provide my office with the contact details of your real estate agent so that I may request the term sheet, transaction sheet and pre-approval letter from your agent.

- I will confirm the terms with you so that the proposed contract may be accurately prepared for review by the purchasers' attorney.

3. The home inspection by the purchasers will usually be coordinated by the real estate agent.

4. The proposed contract of sale will be emailed to the purchasers' attorney with the request that it be executed and returned with the required contract deposit to be deposited into my escrow account pending the closing.

5. Upon receipt of the contract signed by the purchasers together with the contract deposit, you will receive a call/email from my office to arrange for the scheduling of your appointment at which time we will review the contract together. This appointment will cover:

- Review of all expenses of closing, including transfer taxes, broker commissions, legal fees, and mortgage payoff, etc.

-Review of all contract terms including appliances included, proposed closing date, "as is" representations, repair items negotiated based on home inspection, etc.

6. Return of fully executed contract to the Purchasers' attorney. 

7. Confirmation from Purchasers' attorney that purchasers' loan commitment has been issued.

- This is a critical point in the contract when the purchasers provide me with their approval letter from their lender. At this point we can be confident that your transaction will proceed to closing.

8. Review of the title report provided by purchasers' attorneys title company.

- You will be notified by my office if there are any issues that you will need to clear up such as liens or violations included in the title report.

9. Coordination of Closing with all parties.

-My office will always strive to schedule the closing on the date and time that is best for you. 

10. The day of your Closing.

-You will receive an email confirming the date, time and location of your closing, including the items that you will need to bring with you if any. (photo ID, etc)

-All transfer documents will be prepared by my office and will be presented for your signature at closing, including a post closing possession agreement if necessary.

-A final Closing Statement will be prepared for you at closing which will detail all adjustments and expenses in connection with the sale. A PDF version of this Closing Statement will be provided by email as well. This will assure easy access for you when needed to be presented to your accountant at tax time.